Board of Directors

At the center of its management is the USHPA Board of Directors.
A total of ten (10) directors comprise the USHPA board: eight (8) elected directors and two (2) designated directors (appointed annually by the elected eight). Four elected director slots are filled each fall in a national election and each serve for two-year terms. From among its members, the board will elect its officers - president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Board of Directors meetings are conducted monthly via conference call, and once or twice annually at an in-person meeting.

Officers of the Board

PositionNameTerm StartTerm End
SecretaryKenneth Andrews5/30/20191/31/2021122434
TreasurerMark G. Forbes5/30/20191/31/2021125591
PresidentKatelyn M. West4/8/20201/31/2021121896


NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Jugdeep AggarwalDirector 011/1/202012/31/2021121398
Steven PearsonDirector 021/1/202012/31/2021137706
Kimberly PhinneyDirector 031/1/202012/31/2021123047
Sara WeaverDirector 041/1/202012/31/2021135273
Matthew TaberDirector 051/1/202012/31/2020126719
Steve RodriguesDirector 061/1/202012/31/2020137349
Doyle JohnsonGF Director 055/30/201912/31/2020110995
Dan LukaszewiczGF Director 065/30/201912/31/2020107725
Alan CrouseGF Director 075/30/201912/31/2020100557
Michael R. HolmesGF Director 085/30/201912/31/2020127439
Paul VoightGF Director 095/30/201912/31/2020130617
Katelyn M. WestPresident4/8/202012/31/2020121896
Kenneth AndrewsSecretary5/30/201912/31/2020122434
Mark G. ForbesTreasurer5/30/201912/31/2020125591


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