Board of Directors

At the center of its management is the USHPA Board of Directors.
A total of ten (10) directors comprise the USHPA board: eight (8) elected directors and two (2) designated directors (appointed annually by the elected eight). Four elected director slots are filled each fall in a national election and each serve for two-year terms. From among its members, the board will elect its officers - president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Board of Directors meetings are conducted semi-monthly via a virtual meeting, and once or twice annually at an in-person meeting.

Officers of the Board

PositionNameRegionTerm StartTerm End
PresidentBill Hughes11/4/20231/4/2024103160
SecretaryJulia Knowles11/4/20231/4/2024121418
TreasurerPamela Kinnaird21/4/20231/4/2024146888
Vice PresidentCharles W. Allen51/4/20231/4/2024105447
Communications OfficerNellie Milfeld37/25/20231/4/2024150106


NamePositionRegionTerm StartTerm End
Nellie MilfeldDirector 0131/1/202212/31/2023150106
Steven PearsonDirector 0231/1/202212/31/2023137706
Julia KnowlesDirector 0311/1/202212/31/2023121418
Pamela KinnairdDirector 0421/1/202212/31/2023146888
Nicholas GreeceDirector 0521/1/202312/31/2024129217
Charles W. AllenDirector 0651/1/202312/31/2024105447
Stephan MentlerDirector 0741/1/202312/31/2024136773
Ric CaylorDirector 0858/15/202312/31/2023132253
Bill HughesDirector 0911/4/202312/31/2024103160
Jon Faiz KayyemDirector 1031/4/202312/31/2023120405