Membership Levels

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Annual Membership Levels

Contributing Member (non-flying): $82/year


  • 4 issues of USHPA Pilot magazine
  • Access to all Partner Benefits and Discounts
  • Access to the Members Only section of the website (renewal, webinars, resources, updates, etc.)
  • Monthly member e-newsletter 
  • Voting rights for Regional Directors & all-member votes
  • Representation with National Aeronautic Association (NAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), Commission Internationale de vol Libre (CIVL), & Public Lands
  • Available to unrated members only (ratings go inactive if this level is selected)

Pilot Member (flight rated): $150/year

  • All of the Contributing member benefits
  • Third-Party Liability Insurance (3PLI) through the RRRG as negotiated by USHPA
  • Ability to earn ratings through the Pilot Proficiency Program (H1/P1/S1-H5/P5/S5)
  • ExpertVoice discounts for members rated H2/P2/S2 and above
  • Access to Extraterritorial Insurance coverage for international trips for members rated H3/P3 and above (additional fees apply)
  • Fulfills Chapter & USHPA flying site requirements

Rogallo Member (Instructor): $294/year


  • All of the Pilot-level benefits
  • Access to Instructor Certifications 
  • Ability to issue 10-Day Temporary/Affiliate Memberships to students or visiting pilots
  • Use of the USHPA logo and professional development resources and tools to enrich your business or programs

(Rogallo membership is not required to obtain Towing appointments or certifications, but it is required in order to have insurance coverage for activities related to those appointments or certifications. Insurance coverage for Pilot activity with Towing special skills is covered under the Pilot membership, except as excluded per the policy). 

Special Family Discount: $18 off your membership

All Member types are eligible for a family discount ($18 off your membership price) if members live at the same address. Members receiving the family discount DO NOT receive a physical copy of the USHPA Pilot magazine.

How it works:
Member A signs up as a fully-paid member.
Member B signs up and applies the discount using Member A's membership number. Member B is now unenrolled in the physical magazine subscription.

If there is another member or members living at the same residence, they may also use the family discount by referencing the fully-paid member's membership number.


Student and Temporary Membership Options


Student 60-day Membership: $35


Students participating in lessons may join USHPA as Student Members for 60 days.

Student members receive the following benefits:

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance (3PLI) as negotiated by USHPA
  • Student level rating tests online
  • Student flight ratings online
  • $25 discount on your first annual Pilot Membership if purchased while Student Membership is active ($125 normally $150)

Temporary/Affiliate 10-day Membership: $6

These memberships are currently only available from the appropriate USHPA instructor or official as outlined below. The USHPA Office does not currently offer these memberships online.

Students participating in lessons or instructional (tandem) flights may join USHPA as Temporary/Affiliate members. These memberships are only available from a current Rogallo member holding current, valid Instructor certifications.

Visiting pilots may join USHPA as Temporary/Affiliate members. These memberships are available from current Rogallo members holding current, valid Instructor certifications, Chapter officers, and organizers of approved USHPA events (sanctioned competitions or ACE).   

Temporary/Affiliate members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to Third-Party Liability Insurance (3PLI) as negotiated by USHPA
  • Student flight ratings (which expire when the Temporary/Affiliate membership expires)