Membership levels

There are several USHPA membership types, depending on your level of involvement in free flight. Annual dues vary depending on membership type.

The following participation levels are shown in order of increasing benefits. Each level includes the benefits of the previous level. Note that all prices shown are for US residents. Standard magazine shipping is 2nd Class Mail. Surcharges will be applied for other options, such as non-US residents. 

Magazine Subscription-Only (non-member): $30/year

Order online: USHPA Store
Just toying with the idea or want to learn more before starting lessons?

  • 6 issues of USHPA Pilot magazine
  • First Class and Air Mail upgrades available
  • Access to all Partner Benefits and Discounts

(No waiver required)

Contributing Member: $82/year

Join: Print Paper Form or Renew Online: Members Only
Not flying but want to stay connected and involved?

  • All of the above benefits
  • Voting Rights for Regional Directors & All-Member Votes
  • Representation with National Aeronautic Association (NAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), Commission Internationale de vol Libre (CIVL), & Public Lands through the US Department of the Interior
  • "Landing Zone" periodic e-Newsletter subscription (may opt-out)
  • Access to the Members Only section of the website (renewal, resources, updates, etc.)
  • Available to unrated members only (ratings go inactive if this level is selected)
  • No Flying or Tandem Flying Privileges: May not fly as a tandem passenger without a 30-day temporary student rating (via a 30-day Student/Affiliate membership form)

(Must sign Waiver annually. No solo OR passenger flying privileges.)

Pilot Member: $150/year

Join: Print Paper Form or Renew Online: Members Only
Ready to Fly? Get over 15 great incentives!

  • All of the above benefits
  • Access to Third-Party Liability Insurance (3PLI) as negotiated by USHPA
  • Access to the Pilot Proficiency Program: SOP 12-02  - (Pilot ratings levels 0-5 and special skills  - no instructor appointments)
  • US Pilot members have access to USHPA's insurance program (3PLI) while on temporary international trips
  • International Pilot members are only insured while flying within the borders of the United States, US territories and possessions, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Fulfills Chapter & flying site requirements. Join USHPA Chapters to fly at locations across the United States
  • Eligible to upgrade to a Rogallo Member (when receiving Instructor certifications) by using the Rogallo Membership Upgrade Form

(Must sign Waiver annually. Not necessary to have pilot ratings to be a Pilot member, but must be a Pilot member or Rogallo member to have ratings.)

Rogallo Member (Instructor): $294/year

Join: Print Paper Form or Renew Online: Members Only
Want to be the ultimate Pilot and Connector? Get over 20 great incentives!

  • All of the above benefits
  • Access to Instructor Appointments (in the spirit of the late Francis Rogallo, modern-day inventor of the hang glider): Basic, Advanced, Tandem (T-3), Mini Wing, Instructor and/or Tandem Administrator
  • Instructors with current, valid appointments may accept payment and must issue 30-Day Student/Affiliate Memberships if students are not Pilot or Rogallo USHPA members
  • USHPA Instructors are eligible for ExpertVoice discounts on sports gear (requires Members Only login)
  • The USHPA logo and professional development resources and tools are available to enrich your business or programs. In addition, 5-item publication quantity discounts are available from the USHPA Store
  • To upgrade from a Pilot membership to a Rogallo membership, do the math using the Rogallo Membership Upgrade Form

(Must sign Waiver annually. Not necessary to hold Instructor appointments to be a Rogallo member, though it's recommended; but must be a Rogallo member to be an Instructor.)


Special Family Discount: $18/year

Birds of a feather fly and save together!

All Member types are eligible for a Family Discount, if more than one member lives at the same address. There is no change to the benefits level; however the member who receives a Family Discount does not receive USHPA Pilot magazine.

(Must be living in the same household with another fully-paid Member - one who has not used the Family Discount. Must sign Waiver separately from Family Member. Multiple Family Discounts may be associated with a single fully-paid Member.)


Postage Surcharges

The next issue of USHPA Pilot magazine can't arrive fast enough for you?

Magazines ship 2nd Class Mail in the US. If non-US or faster shipping is desired, the following surcharges will apply:

  • US 1st Class Postage: $20/year
  • International 2nd Class Postage (non-US addresses): $35/year
  • International Air Mail Postage: $60/year

You may select one of these options either on your membership application form or when you renew online.


Student/Affiliate (30-day) Membership: $6

Temporary membership for initial student lessons and visiting pilots.

Students participating in lessons or instructional (tandem) flights may join USHPA as Affiliate members for 30 days. These memberships are only available from a current Rogallo member holding current, valid Instructor certifications.

Visiting pilots may join USHPA as Affiliate members for 30 days in order to fly while visiting. These memberships are available from current Rogallo members holding current, valid Instructor certifications, Chapter officers, and organizers of approved USHPA events (sanctioned competitions or ACE).

Affiliate members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to Third-Party Liability Insurance (3PLI) as negotiated by USHPA
  • Student flight ratings (which expire when the Affiliate membership expires)


Want to do more? Donate!

USHPA is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Learn more about how you can support free flight in the US. Please see Charitable Giving


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