Flight Operations

Hang glider, paraglider, and speedwing flights in the United States are governed by FAR part 103, Federal Aviation Regulation, Ultralight Vehicles.

Ultralight Vehicles (except for flights by FAA licensed pilots in FAA registered aircraft which are governed by FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 91) and may be governed in addition by other civil laws and regulations. Persons participating in hang gliding, paragliding, and speedflying operations under FAR Part 103 are required by law to fly in accordance with FAR Part 103, and in accordance with any other applicable civil laws.

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FAA Resources

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Interactive US Sectional/VFR Charts

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FAA Documents - General

Federal Aviation Regulation 14 CFR Part 103 - Ultralight Vehicles (aka "FAR Part 103")

FAA Advisory Circular 103-7, Subject: The Ultralight Vehicle

FAA Advisory Circular 103-7, Appendices

FAA Advisory Circular 103-6, Subject: Ultralight Vehicle Operations

FAA Legal Interpretation: Applicability of Part 101 to Ultralight Vehicles During Tethered Takeoff

Tandem Operations

FAA Exemption 4721 - Tandem Operations

FAA Exemption Card for Tandem  (Members Only)

Aerotow Operations

FAA Exemption 4144 - Aerotowing Operations

FAA Exemption Card for Aerotowing  (Members Only)

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