Are you ready to learn to fly? Here are some resources to get you airborne!

How do I learn to fly?

Working towards your first pilot rating will be an exciting and memorable part of your journey into free flight. Everything is new and even the smallest flights will be immense accomplishments. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably dreamed the dream and are ready to get started. Read more

Ratings and skills introduction

Flying is a skill that few people get to develop. Among those who fly, only a tiny fraction learn how to fly like a bird, launching from their feet, exploiting the movement of air to stay aloft, and at the end returning to earth once again on foot. The skills needed to fly the way we do are very specialized, yet essential for us to be able to fly safely. Read more

Find a school or instructor

Schools are a collection of USHPA certified Instructors. We have two different ways to hook up with someone who can teach you how to fly! Read more

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