Continuing Education

Now that you have your Novice rating, here are various ways to continue your free-flight education.

There is always something new to learn - as much or more so in operating an aircraft (even an upowered, foot launched ultralight aircraft!). Here are resources for continuing your education.

Learning Opportunities

In addition to your local sites and training hill, a lot can be learned by flying new sites and with more people. 

Flying Events - Clinics, tours, trips, fly-ins: there are lots of opportunities to get together with other pilots and fly. Be sure to check the USHPA Event Calendar or the Calendar listings in the back of USHPA Pilot magazine.

Competition - While most competitions are not geared toward brand-new pilots, there is a lot to be learned from going to a competition. There are always opportunities to volunteer and learn from the experienced pilots who compete.

Travel - In addition to tours organized by US schools and instructors (which are listed on the Event Calendar), schools and instructors are available around the world. Many destinations are appropriate for your non-flying family members as well!

Learning Partners

Find a Regional Chapter - One of the best ways to continue your education and find plenty of opportunities to fly and learn is to join your local USHPA Chapter.

Find a School or Instructor - Sometimes the instructor you first learned with is no longer available (for example, if you travel for your initial instruction). Locate instructors in your area to work with in pursuit of your Intermediate and Advanced ratings, or Special Skills.

Find an Examiner or Observer - If there are no instructors available in your area then USHPA Observers have likely been appointed to assist with the tests and observed tasks required for your new ratings and skills. An Examiner will prepare you to serve as an Observer in your local area should you desire.

Find a Towing Examiner or Observer - The skill of towing - either as a pilot being towed or as an operator doing the towing - requires highly specialized training. Towing Observers can train you in these skills. Towing Examiners will prepare you to serve as a qualified Towing Observer.

Find an Administrator - Beyond your flight ratings and special skills you might want to pursue other specialty skills, such as tandem, mini-wing or pilot instruction. An Administrator will help you accomplish that.