Appointment types

Various roles in the administration of our ratings and skills program are handled by appointed members.
Click on the role below to see a list of members who hold that appointment. If you are looking for an Instructor, go to Find a school or instructor.

Hang gliding appointments

Rating NameRating Code
AT Tow ExaminerAT TOW EX22
AT Tow ObserverAT TOW OBS23
Instructor AdministratorINST ADMIN12
PL Tow ExaminerPL TOW EX32
PL Tow ObserverPL TOW OBS33
ST Tow ExaminerST TOW EX34
ST Tow ObserverST TOW OBS36
Tandem AdministratorTAND ADMIN38

Paragliding appointments


Kitty Hawk Kites
Eagle Paragliding