Appointed officials

A list of all members who currently hold the indicated appointment.
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Rating CodeCityStateNameemail
INST ADMINBeniciaCARobert Black[email protected]133135
INST ADMINBishopCAKari L. Castle[email protected]121763
INST ADMINLa JollaCAMax Leonard Marien[email protected]126838
INST ADMINMalibuCAHadi Golian[email protected]114881
INST ADMINOjaiCAChristopher Grantham[email protected]106476
INST ADMINSan JacintoCAJerome Daoust[email protected]118339
INST ADMINSanta BarbaraCARob Sporrer[email protected]133055
INST ADMINVailCOGregory Kelley[email protected]114670
INST ADMINKulaHIPaul Gurrieri[email protected]130393
INST ADMINPine BushNYPaul Voight[email protected]130617
INST ADMINWarrentonORBrad Hill[email protected]103644
INST ADMINBluffdaleUTChris W. Santacroce[email protected]106160
INST ADMINDraperUTDale Covington[email protected]107528
INST ADMINSandyUTKen W. Hudonjorgensen[email protected]122306
INST ADMINWestfordVTCalef Letorney[email protected]104869
INST ADMINIssaquahWAMatt Senior[email protected]126517
INST ADMINJacksonWYScott C. Harris[email protected]135507
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