FAA Tandem Operations Exemption

Exemption #4721 has been published by the FAA allowing USHPA tandem operations.

FAA Exemption #4721

FAA Tandem Exemption 4721: Original
FAA Tandem Exemption 4721: Current Extension
FAA Tandem Exemption 4721: Wallet Card

USHPA approved tandem launch sites characteristics document

[This] exemption to § 103.1(a) and (b) of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations allows USHPA to operate unpowered ultralight vehicles (hang gliders) weighing less than 155 pounds, with another occupant, for the purpose of sport, training, or recreation, subject to the conditions and limitations listed below.

Conditions and Limitations
1. Each operation must comply with the remaining sections of part 103, except § 103.1(a) and (b).

2. For training purposes, this exemption applies only to flights for the purpose of giving instruction in two-place unpowered ultralight vehicles from USHPA- approved launch sites.

3. Both occupants on all two-place training flights must possess a current pilot rating issued by the USHPA and at least one occupant must possess a current USHPA Tandem instructor rating.

4. Prior to all two-occupant training flights, the student must be informed that the flight is conducted under an exemption granted by the FAA and that the ultralight vehicle does not meet aircraft certification standards set forth by the FAA.

5. Both occupants on all two-place flights, other than for training purposes, must possess a current pilot rating issued by the USHPA and at least one occupant must possess a current Tandem Pilot rating issued by the USHPA.

6. For identification purposes, the USHPA shall issue an individual authorization to each person allowed to conduct operations under this exemption. Each authorization shall include an identification number and a copy of this exemption. The USHPA shall also have a procedure to rescind this authority when needed.

7. Each individual who operates an ultralight vehicle under the authority of this exemption must be familiar with the provisions contained herein and must have in his or her personal possession a copy of the authorization issued by the USHPA and a copy of this exemption. These documents shall be presented for inspection upon request by the FAA.

8. This exemption is not valid for operations outside of the United States.

The Effect of Our Decision
This exemption terminates on October 31, 2018, unless sooner superseded or rescinded.



John Barbagallo
Deputy Director, Flight Standards Service
Issued in Washington, D.C. on October 27, 2016