Charles W. Allen
Director 06
2023 - 2024 | Contact
Charles began learning to fly in 1996 while studying mechanical engineering at Lehigh University. He has logged over a thousand hours, flown in 35+ competitions, organized, hosted, and scored numerous smaller competitions, and encouraged and mentored many pilots. Charles also holds a private pilot and glider license and is the father of two young girls, Helen and Catherine. In 2005, Charles earned an MBA from the College of William & Mary. He subsequently worked his way up to the position of Managing Director at multiple investment banks, where he focused on advising and raising capital for public companies. In 2013, Charles joined BTCS Inc. as the CEO and Chairman of the board. While at the helm of Nasdaq-listed BTCS, Charles has successfully executed many creative initiatives. Charles is a driven competitor who never gives up and consistently thinks outside the box. While his passion for free flight is not unique among USHPA members, his determination to make flying accessible and promote the sport by leveraging his professional experience sets him apart.