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Overview and updates regarding the new system supporting USHPA members, staff and processes.

We are currently on-track to cut over to our new association management system (AMS) early in February 2018. Our existing system is showing its age and requires significant effort to fix issues or add new capabilities; most importantly, it hinders our ability to serve our members. We are very excited about the benefits the new system will bring.

When is this happening?

Early February

We are working around the clock to do the migration to the new system as soon as possible. We've encountered a few hiccups so the schedule is still being finalized. Please check back here for updates.

What does this mean?

1. Some systems will be offline for a few days.

To get all the information from the old system onto the new system we will have to stop making changes. This means: no new memberships can be created, no online or paper renewals, no ratings can be processed. Staff will be available to answer questions, but changes will not be made until the new system is online.

2.  All members will be required to reset their USHPA passwords.

To improve system security, all members will be required to reset their USHPA passwords. If you do not have an email associated with your membership you may need to contact the office to complete this process.

How will the new system be different than the old system?

In addition to supporting our public website, managing memberships, and processing ratings, the new system will greatly improve staff efficiency, be more reliable, and provide better information about our organization. It will also ensure PCI-compliance, and support better integration with Recreation RRG systems, including acting as a Single Sign On federated identity provider and OAuth2 authenticated JSON API.

The biggest improvements, however, will be in the features available to our members.

New features

  • Easier-to-use, more secure member self-service features (such as profile updates, online renewal, and members-only documents)
  • Chapter self-service (online access to all Chapter information, including Sites and Additional Insureds)
  • Online Communities for committees, instructors, and eventually Chapters and Regions
  • Community functions may include forums, document libraries, blogs, wikis, and member lists
  • Extensive online site information

This new system will also support adding new capabilities in the future, such as:

  • Online rating forms
  • Online rating tests
  • Additional online instructional support for instructors and students
  • Tools for Chapters to manage their members
  • Online Communities for Chapters (could be used for Chapter websites)
  • Online new member processing

First, we need to be sure we have all the same capabilities we had in the old system working. Then we can take advantage of the new features that are built-in to the new system. The new system is called iMIS 20 from ASI (; it is one of the leading AMS products in the industry and is specifically designed for managing and supporting nonprofit organizations.

What do I need to do?

1. Plan ahead

If your membership is up for renewal or you have ratings to submit, get those in to the office as soon as possible. Be prepared for delays if they arrive in the office during the system transition.

2. Give yourself extra time

The first time you access the new Members Only area you may need extra time to accomplish your task.

(a) You will need to set a new password the first time you try to access the system.

(b) Things will look different and be organized differently than in the old system.

We think the new system will be easier to use, but there is always a little challenge when something is unfamiliar.

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