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Information for Tandem Students

Information for tandem students. Read more

USHPA raises $150,000 more for the RRG with sale of headquarters

USHPA headquarters is under contract to sell in April 2016. Selling the building will free up much needed capital to strengthen the RRG. USHPA will continue to rent the space for the foreseeable future. Read more

USHPA office available again (May 10)

The USHPA office will be offline for a few hours on May 10 for a server move. Read more

Recent Headlines Read more

New pricing and rebates for USHPA Affiliate (30-day) memberships

The USHPA Board has approved a price reduction for Affiliate memberships, along with an increased PASA-certified school rebate for Student memberships. Read more

Gaggle Up

A Few Words on the RRG from Your USHPA President, Paul Murdoch Read more

Governance Proposal Voting Timeline (Initial Vote)

Key dates for the governance proposal vote occurring January 7 - February 21, 2019 Read more

Limited Office Operations Over Christmas

Information on the USHPA office's hours over the winter 2018 holidays. Read more

Timeline: Governance Proposal Re-Vote

Key dates for the governance proposal re-vote occurring April 17 - May 28, 2019 Read more

News: We're Hiring

We're hiring! Part-time Training & Certification Manager Read more