New pricing and rebates for USHPA Affiliate (30-day) memberships

The USHPA Board has approved a price reduction for Affiliate memberships, along with an increased PASA-certified school rebate for Student memberships.

New pricing for Affiliate (30-day) memberships

Retroactive to December 1, 2015

In ongoing efforts to minimize costs associated with instruction, the USHPA board decided to reduce the pricing for Affiliate (30-day) memberships to $6.

  • Cost of Affiliate (30-day) Membership: $6 (previously $8)
  • Refund for each Affiliate membership form purchased from USHPA since Dec 1, 2015: $2

Any Affiliate (30-day) membership forms purchased between December 1, 2015 and August 1, 2016 will automatically trigger a refund of $2 for each form. Refunds will be made to the credit cards used for original purchase. If instructors purchased forms for use in a school and were reimbursed for their purchase they should coordinate with the school regarding any adjustments required.

Student membership rebates for PASA-certified schools

All Student (30-day) memberships processed will trigger a rebate

The USHPA board has also revised rebate amounts to all PASA-certified schools for Student Affiliate (30-day) memberships. When a Student Affiliate membership is logged as required (specific process to be published soon), it is automatically eligible for a $4 rebate resulting in a net cost of $2.

Note that this program only applies to Student memberships, not Visiting Pilot memberships. It is only available to PASA-certified schools (regardless of who purchased the Affiliate/30-day membership form).

New Pilot edition of Hang Gliding & Paragliding magazine

Copies available to all schools, instructors, and chapters

Don't forget that complimentary copies of the New Pilot edition of Hang Gliding & Paragliding magazine are available at no cost to you. These are great for doing outreach about the sport, using as handouts at promotional events, or for getting prospective students excited about upcoming lessons. (All new members are sent copies as part of the new member welcome packet.)

Simply email your request to [email protected]. Magazines are shipped in boxes of 40 copies.

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