Topic: Safety

Cooperative to the Core: A Yearling's Guide to Thermal Traffic

Tips for maximizing lift and thermaling successfully with other pilots Read more

Reporting an incident

Have you been involved in - or witnessed - an accident or incident? Please let USHPA know. Read more

Water You Going to do Now?

From the Accident Review Committee. The focus of this edition: flying near water. Read more

Spring Training

As the spring flying season approaches, your Accident Review Committee wants to make sure each of our pilots has our latest lessons learned and the suggested risk mitigation training ideas. Read more

Welcome to summer! and thermal turbulence

From the Accident Review Committee Read more

USHPA Preflight Safety

USHPA has produced two apps for Preflight Safety - for Hang Gliding and Paragliding. Now available for iPad or as interactive PDFs. Read more

Mid air incidents: a recent trend

From the Accident Review Committee Read more

A friendly reminder regarding Spring flying

From the Accident Review Committee Read more


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