USHPA-Certified Instructors

State Selected
Full NameEmailCityWebsite
Michael Sturges[email protected]Grand Isle 
Chad Charles[email protected]Murray 
John Atwood[email protected]Rutland 
Dan Deleo[email protected]Saint Johnsbury 
Calef Letorney[email protected]Westford


Guide to Instructor Types (HG = Hang Gliding; PG = Paragliding):

  • Tandem Instructor: Provides Tandem Discovery Lesson flights.
  • Basic Instructor: Provides introductory solo-flight instruction (Basic Rating Levels: 1 - 2)
  • Advanced Instructor: Provides complete solo-flight instruction (All Rating Levels: 1 - 4)
Instructors in your selected state are listed in two tables that can be resorted and exported: Tandem Instructors for discovery lesson flights and Basic & Advanced Instructors for solo-flight instruction.
DISCLAIMER: USHPA Certification of an instructor means that the instructor has completed a course of training with USHPA and successfully completed both practical and written testing concerning this training. Just like a university who offers a degree after completion of certain courses, USHPA makes no warranty or representations as to the expertise or aptitude of any USHPA certified instructor other than to verify that he or she successfully completed a training course with USHPA.