Ratings + Skills

As part of its mission, USHPA provides an organizational framework for instructor and pilot training and certification.

For a general overview of USHPA's pilot ratings, please read Ratings and skills introduction. If you're a new pilot, be sure to check out Learn to Fly. If you're interested in taking your skills further by becoming an instructor, observer, or administrator, take a look at Advanced Certifications


As a member-serving organization, USHPA operates under a collection of Standard Operating Procedures, also known as SOPs. Members have full access to all 220 pages of the SOPs, which cover everything from how meetings will be conducted to requirements of sanctioned competitions. Section 12 of the SOPs is all about the Ratings System.

Who Does What

Ratings and Special Skills

All Pilot and Rogallo members are eligible to obtain ratings. There are several different types of Rating Officials, and the ratings they are able to grant depends on their individual qualifications and certifications. 

About rating officials - Explanation of the difference between Instructors, Observers and Examiners, all of whom can potentially grant Ratings or Special Skills. Note that Administrators are not considered "rating officials" since they make appointments, rather than grant ratings

Ratings and special skills table

Appointments and Administrators

In addition to basic flight ratings and associated special skills, there are also appointments and certifications, such as those for Basic Instructors and Tandem Administrators. These advanced training opportunities are discussed in more detail in Advanced Certifications.

All rating officials  - An overview of all the possible types of rating officials in the system, with links to the members who hold these ratings.