International pilot information

If you are a non-US pilot that intends to visit the US to fly, please review this information and come prepared.

Note that if you will be flying over more than a 30-day span, you will need to send your paperwork to the office in advance of your trip. Details in the Membership FAQs.

Flying in the US

In order to fly in the US, you will need to contact local pilots for information and protocol for each site that you will fly. Many regions have clubs (USHPA chapters) and some also have schools who can provide information. You may also want to request information via online discussion forums, such as and

A membership with USHPA will provide you with third-party liability insurance (which is required by most landowners in the US). An annual Pilot membership will also allow you to obtain US proficiency ratings. If you are flying a regulated site, you will need to be a USHPA member and you will be required to hold whatever rating/skill level is required for that particular site. See below for more information.

Membership options

Depending on how long you intend to fly in in the US, you may want an annual Pilot membership, or you may only need a 30-day Affiliate membership. Information about the various membership options is described in Membership levels, benefits, and pricing and also in the Membership FAQ.

To join USHPA with an annual Pilot membership, go to Join + Renew.

Ratings (flight proficiency)

The USHPA pilot proficiency system is described in Ratings and skills introduction. The parameters around issuing USHPA ratings based on foreign equivalent ratings are governed by SOP-12, Foreign Ratings.

Visiting Pilots who obtain an Affiliate membership (via a 30-day Student/Affiliate membership application) must carry both their homeland rating documentation AND an IPPI card.


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