Award Nomination Process

In order for the award nomination process to work, nominations must be submitted to the Awards Committee by any individual prior to the Fall BOD meeting, October 1st.

For submissions prior to the BOD meeting, please use the Award Nomination Form, or mail to: USHPA, PO Box 1330, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1330

USHPA solicits award nominations in the following categories:

PRESIDENTIAL CITATION - This is USHPA's highest award, and is awarded to a member or non-member who has made significant contributions to the sport. The contributions need not have been made during the previous year. After being nominated, the final award will be decided by the President presiding over the USHPA Board of Directors. This special award may only be awarded to a single person once.

ROB KELLS MEMORIAL AWARD - The intention of this award is to recognize a pilot, group, chapter or other entity that has provided continuous service, over a period of 15 years or more, to the sports of hang gliding or paragliding or both. It is not an annual award, and there must be a compelling body of nominations (minimum of 10) for a candidate to be considered. The Rob Kells Memorial Award is on par with the Presidential Citation, and can only be awarded to an individual/group/chapter/other entity once. Full details on qualifications and required documentation are covered in Rob Kells Memorial Award.

USHPA EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AWARD - This award recognizes outstanding service to the Association during the year by any member or non-member. Only one award per year will be given, and an individual may receive this award only once.

NAA SAFETY AWARD - The NAA presents this award to an individual, recommended by USHPA, who has contributed to safety promotion in hang gliding or paragliding in some significant way that should be recognized.

FAI HANG GLIDING DIPLOMA - This Diploma may be awarded every year by the FAI to an individual who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of hang gliding or paragliding by his or her initiative, work, or leadership in flight achievement. Recipients are identified based on nominations by FAI Member organizations including USHPA (through the NAA).

FAI PEPE LOPES MEDAL - The Medal may be awarded annually by the FAI, on recommendation by the FAI Hang Gliding Commission (CIVL), for outstanding contributions to sportsmanship or international understanding in the sports of hang gliding or paragliding. Recipients are identified based on nominations by FAI Member organizations including USHPA (through the NAA).

CHAPTER OF THE YEAR - This award recognizes the USHPA Chapter/club that has conducted successful programs that reflect positively upon the Chapter and the sport. Activities include, but are not limited to: site procurement, development and retention, safety, membership development, and beginner and novice programs. Chapter names & locations

NEWSLETTER/WEBSITE OF THE YEAR - This award recognizes an outstanding club publication (printed or web-based) that has been supportive of the sport and the sponsoring Chapter's activities. The award is based on service to members, layout, article variety, safety promotion, and promoting the sport.

THE INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD - The Instructor of the Year Award recognizes the importance of our certified hang gliding and paragliding instructors in promoting safe flying practices and contributing to the positive image and growth of our sport. Nominations should include letters of support from three students and the local Regional Director. Considerations will include effectiveness as a teacher, being a safety role model, innovative approaches that the instructor uses to enhance safety or teaching, and other factors that the nominating parties deem worthy of recognition. One award per sport per year may be given.

RECOGNITION FOR SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION - (formerly Special Commendation) are awarded to any number of non-members and organizations who have done exceptional volunteer work that has significantly enhanced and promoted our sports in the U.S. The award is a way for our organization to recognize landowners, drivers, restaurant owners, government officials and any others who have contributed in a non-member capacity during the year.

COMMENDATIONS - Commendations are given to any number of USHPA members who have contributed to hang gliding and/or paragliding on a volunteer basis in any areas including site development and retention, competition organization, public relations, heroic rescue efforts, significant safety-related practices, or investing considerable time and effort towards enhancing someone else's enjoyment of flying and the promotion of the sport.

BETTINA GRAY AWARD - The Bettina Gray Award was created to honor the woman who contributed so much to our sport through her photography. This award is issued to the photographer (male or female) whose work (three examples needed for review) is judged best by the committee in consideration of aesthetics, originality, and a positive portrayal of hang gliding or paragliding. One award will be given each year.

BEST PROMOTIONAL FILM - This award recognizes the videographer, whose work is judged best by the committee in consideration of aesthetics, originality, and a positive portrayal of hang gliding or paragliding. One award will be given each year.

For more information contact the Awards Committee Chair. Please use the Award nomination form or forward all nominations and supporting materials to the USHPA office: USHPA PO Box 1330, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1330.