Rob Kells Memorial Award (RKMA)

The intention of the Rob Kells Memorial award is to recognize a pilot, group, chapter or other entity that stands out in the free-flight community as possessing qualities and actions that bring to mind Rob Kells and all that he represented to everyone who knew him.

1. The nominee must have devoted a substantial portion of their life to the sports of hang gliding, paragliding, or both.

2. The RKMA is not an annual award. There must be a compelling body of nominations in order for the Awards committee to consider a candidate.

3. The nominee must have a minimum of 15 years of service to the flying community, in an unbroken time frame, easily verifiable. This service must have been to the broadest possible community, and must have resulted in a dramatic impact on the community that improves the perception of and participation in hang gliding and/or paragliding.

4. This award should reflect all the qualities that endeared Rob Kells to the flying community. These include a driving concern for the safety and well being of other pilots, a demonstrated pattern of self-sacrifice, the ability and means to help others achieve flight and the drive to make it all happen.

5. Documentation must include at least 10 cases of specific testimony provided by the nominee's peers who have been witness to the qualifying contributions, and must span a minimum of 15 years of service.

The physical award will be a perpetual award, which will be made available for presentation at the USHPA awards ceremony in years that a recipient has been chosen. This perpetual award will be displayed at the USHPA headquarters building or at the Wills Wing office during the year(s) between presentations (location to be determined by consensus of the BOD and in discussions with Wills Wing). Award recipients' names will be inscribed on the base of the perpetual award. A small and appropriate individual award will also be presented to and kept by the award recipient, acknowledging the presentation.