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The Mental Preflight Check

Practical tips for novice pilots Read more


USHPA publishes a full-color magazine for its membership and for those interested in following free-flight. Read more

Promoting and Accepting Pace in Progression

A message from USHPA's Accident Review Committee. Read more

Big Ears in Paragliding

An analysis from USHPA's Accident Review Committee. Read more

3x3 Risk Reduction Tool

A tool for analyzing risk at every stage (at home, at the flying site, and in flight), with the goal of helping pilots make better decisions. Read more

2019 Hang Gliding Accident Summary

2019 hang gliding accident summary Read more


Promoting Hang Gliding and Paragliding Through Interactive Media Read more

Spring Thermals Demystified

Spring thermals may be surprisingly strong, so be prepared! Read more

The Otto Lilienthal Glider

Building and safely flying a replica Otto Lilienthal Glider Read more

Fly Like a Girl

Meet the community of female pilots at Dog Mountain in Washington--some of whom have been hang gliding at the site for over 30 years! Read more

Five Flight Parks: Major Players in Hang Gliding's Beginnings and Future

An overview of five main hang glider flight parks Read more

Cooperative to the Core: A Yearling's Guide to Thermal Traffic

Tips for maximizing lift and thermaling successfully with other pilots Read more

Coming Correct: Changing the Culture of Incident Reporting

Calef Letorney explains the importance of reporting incidents and how doing so can benefit other pilots. Read more


Kitty Hawk Kites
Eagle Paragliding