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Safe hang gliding launches REDUX

Several months ago we ran an article on safe hang gliding launch technique. Did it affect anything? Who knows? But at the recent Tennessee Tree Toppers Team Challenge at Hensen’s Gap, near Chattanooga, we conducted a launch seminar that had everyone Read more

Otto Lilienthal's First Film

Johannes Hogebrink creates an amazing animation of Otto Lilienthal's historical flights using original photographs. Read more

KQED: Father of Hang Gliding Remembered

Interview with Bruce Weaver of Kitty Hawk Kites about Francis Rogallo on All Things Considered in September 7, 2009. Read more

Buying a Used Hang Glider

You've been on the hill for a few days now and this hang gliding stuff is starting to look like a something that could turn into a hobby. You're definitely going to have to give it some serious thought. One of the most important folks have to cons... Read more
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