USPPA discount for USHPA members

Fly a paramotor? The US Powered Paragliding Association now offers a discount on USPPA membership for all current USHPA members.


USHPA is happy to announce we have partnered with the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) to establish a discount for all current USHPA members who would like to join the US Powered Paragliding Assn.

Have a paramotor, or want to learn? The USPPA was formed to support motorized paragliding activities. They also have an exemption with the FAA for tandem paramotor flights.

When joining USPPA as a Full member, you can now specify your USHPA membership number and receive a $5 discount. Simply use their standard New Member application form and select "Full + USHPA Member Discount" under Step 4 (Payment Information). You will need to provide your USHPA membership number.

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