Safety notice for Swing Spitfire, Mirage and Hybrid

Safety Notice - Feb. 19, 2016

Swing report that "while in use one splice of an A-Mainline at the Mainline Lock turned loose. Thankfully the Pilot was unhurt." This notice applies to the Swing Spitfire, Mirage and Hybrid models.

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Swing further specify: "We precautionary ask every pilot to visually check their Miniwing before next flight.  You need to check the presence of the black safety-seam on the splice with all lines. Miniwings which may be affected are the models “Spitfire” “Spitfire 2”, “Mirage” and “Hybrid” respectively. Serial number 50001–50208."

For more information, including detailed instructions for inspecting your miniwing, please refer to the complete Safety notice from Swing.