Paragliding National Champions - Women

Year Location Discipline National Champion Glider Scores
2022   PG/R2G Violeta Jimenez   pdf
2021   PG/R2G Galen Kirkpatrick    
2019 Applegate, OR & Chelan, WA PG/R2G Lindsay Matush Advance Sigma 10  
2017 Woodrat Mtn, OR PG/R2G Bianca Heinrich Niviuk Peak 4  
2016 Woodrat Mtn, OR & Chelan, WA PG/R2G Bianca Heinrich Ozone Delta 2 & Niviuk Peak 4  
2015 Woodrat Mtn, OR & Owens Valley, CA PG/R2G Bianca Heinrich Ozone Delta 2  
2014 Chelan, WA PG/R2G Meredyth Malocsay Niviuk Icepeak 7  
2014 (various) PG/R2G Series Lisa Dickinson Niviuk Artik 3  
2013 Dunlap, CA PG/R2G Lisa Dickinson Paraavis Joy  
2013 (various) PG/R2G Series Lisa Dickinson Paraavis Joy  
2013 Inspiration Pt, UT PG/OD Julie Spiegler Ozone Delta 2  
2012 Woodrat Mtn., Ruch, OR PG/R2G Melanie Pfister Niviuk Artik 3  
2012 (various) PG/R2G Series Michele McCullough UP Summit XC2  
2011 Red Rocks UT PG/R2G Kari Castle Ozone Delta  
2010 Chelan, WA & Sun Valley, ID PG/R2G Melanie Pfister    
2009 Dunlap, CA & Inspo, UT PG/R2G Meredyth Malocsay    
2008 Owens Valley, CA PG/R2G Meredyth Malocsay    
2007 Lakeview, OR PG/R2G Kari Castle    
2006 Sun Valley, ID PG/R2G Cheri Silvera    
2005 Chelan, WA PG/R2G Cheri Silvera    
2004 Inspiration Point, UT PG/R2G Kari Castle    
2003 Telluride, CO PG/R2G Kari Castle    
2002 Owens Valley, CA PG/R2G Kari Castle    
2001 Chelan, WA PG/R2G Kari Castle    
1999 Aspen, CO PG/R2G Jill Nephew    
1998 Lakeview, OR PG/R2G Mary Anne Karren    
1997 King Mountan, ID PG/R2G Mary Anne Karren    
1996 Chelan, WA PG/R2G Lizzy Optiz    
1995 Chelan, WA PG/R2G Jennifer Toms    
1994 Aspen, CO PG/R2G Kari Castle    

Historical results are being researched and will be posted as soon as completed.