New US XContest league has launched

Like to fly long distances in the US? You can compete for the title of US League XContest Champion!

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Starting in 2017, USHPA will be running a season-long cross country competition. It will be open to USHPA members and the rankings will be based on the six highest-scoring flights in the United States for each pilot.

The rules and scoring parameters will match the world XContest for this season, with the exception of the start date. Flights made between March 1 and September 30, 2017 will be counted this year. In the future, the season will run all year long, starting on October 1 and ending on September 30, to match the World XContest and other national leagues.

US XContest League champions will mirror the USHPA National Champion categories, in both paragliding and hang gliding, and for 2018 USHPA will award each champion a Free Flight Forever soft shell/fleece jacket by Kavu.

To participate, simply visit the contest home page: You will find links to register, view the rules, submit flights, and view the scores by category. Results will be visible as soon as flights made on or after March 1st are submitted.

Don't forget that while USHPA covers the overall league fee, each pilot participating will need to cover their entry fee (as of 2018). $5 is payable to USHPA in order to participate, which is paid to XContest (for maintenance of the scoring software and website).

For more information, visit US League (on XContest).
To submit your payment, visit the XContest League Payments page.