Moratorium on international appointments and tandem ratings

On May 20, 2015 the Executive Committee approved a moratorium on certain ratings and appointments for members who are not residents of the USA.

(Emailed to all USHPA instructors and administrators on June 8, 2015)

USHPA has placed an immediate moratorium on issuing appointments and the Tandem 1 rating to members residing abroad. This moratorium will be in effect until the board determines whether USHPA can administer our programs internationally.

Concerns about the ability to successfully manage this program in multiple languages and constantly evolving regulations in other countries highlighted that USHPA is not able to effectively administer appointees outside the USA. In addition, the FAA exemptions only apply to US airspace and USHPA does not have authority to regulate or certify instructors operating overseas.

USHPA ratings and instructor, tandem instructor, and towing appointments are only valid in the US and USHPA makes no representations as to the validity of those ratings and appointments outside of the US. If US instructors conduct clinics or tours abroad, it is their responsibility to verify compliance with local regulations. USHPA administrators can certify instructors at foreign clinics, but the certifications should only be issued to US residents or foreign pilots who intend to use those certifications when teaching in the US.

Moratorium approved on May 20th:
USHPA to place a moratorium on issuing and renewing appointments or the Tandem 1 rating to applicants who are not US residents, as defined by the IRS tax code.

Effective immediately, USHPA will:

  • Cease issuing Basic/Advanced Instructor, Tandem Instructor (T3), Examiner, Observer, and Tow appointments, and Tandem 1 (T1) ratings, to members who are not US residents, as defined in the IRS tax code.
  • Maintain existing appointments and Tandem 1 ratings of non-US residents until such appointments and ratings expire or are revoked pursuant to SOP 12-07. (Members not adhering to local regulations are subject to revocation.)
  • Renew or reinstate appointments and Tandem 1 ratings for members when US residency is reestablished and the member meets the requirements for the appointment or rating as otherwise established.
  • Continue to issue solo pilot ratings to non-US residents.

Martin Palmaz
Executive Director