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HG National Champions - Race to Goal

Year LocationNational ChampionClassGliderCalc
2017Whitewater, WI & Dinosaur, COZac MajorsOpen - Class 1 Wills Wing T2C 144 pdf
Kelly MyrkleSport Class Moyes Gecko pdf
Niki LongshoreWomen Moyes RX 3.5 PRO pdf
2016 Big Spring, TX & Casa Grande, AZ TBD
2015(various)Zac MajorsOpen - Class 1 
John MaloneySport Class 
Chris ZimmermanClass 2, Swift 
2014(various)Michael BilykOpen - Class 1 
Cory BarnwellSport Class 
2013Big Spring, TXZac MajorsOpen - Class 1Wills Wing T2C 144
Daniel JonesSport ClassWills Wing U2 160
2012Casa Grande, AZRobin HamiltonOpen Class, FlexwingMoyes
James YocomClass 5, Rigid WingA.I.R. Atos VR10
Brian PorterClass 2, SwiftBrightStart
2011King Mt, ID & Chelan, WAKurt BainumUNKunknown
2011King Mountain, IDBob StanleyOpenunknown
K.C. BennRecreationunknown
Lisa VerzellaWomenunknown
2011Chelan, WAJoe EvansUNKunknown
2011Texas Single Surface ShootoutChris ZimmermanSingle SurfaceWW Falcon 195
2011Big Spring, TXZac MajorsOpen ClassWills Wing T2C 144
2010Big Spring, TXZac MajorsFlexwing RTGWills Wing
Campbell BowenRigid Wing RTGUnknown
2010King Mountain, IDDavid GibsonTopless ODUnknown
2009King Mountain, IDBill SoderquistFlexwingMoyes Light Spd S 4
Lisa VerzellaWomenIcaro Laminar Z9
Kurt BainumRigid WingLaminator Stratos
Joe EvensKing PostNorth Wing Freedom
Dugan GravageRecreationWills Wing Talon 154
2008Lakeview, ORZac MajorsFlexwingWills Wing T2C 144
Jon JamesSport ClassMoyes Litesport 160
Bill VogelRigid WingAir Atos VQ
2008King Mountain, IDBill SoderquistOpenunknown
K.C. BennRecreationunknown
2007Florida Ridge, FLCampbell BowenRigid WingAir Atos VRX
Tom LanningFlexwingMoyes Litespeed S 4
Rodger FurreySport ClassWills Wing U2 160
2006Florida Ridge, FLCampbell BowenRigid WingAir Atos VRX
Curt WarrenFlexwingMoyes Litespeed S
2005Quest Air, FLBruce BarmakianRigid WingAir Atos VR
Paris WilliamsFlexwingAeros Combat L
2004Big Spring, TXDavis StraubRigid WingAir Atos VX
Curt WarrenFlexwingMoyes Litespeed S
2003Big Spring, TXBruce BarmakianRigid WingAir Atos C
Paris WilliamsFlexwingAeros Combat 2
2002Wallaby Ranch, FLBruce BarmakianRigid Wing (Class 5)Aeros Stalker
Brian PorterRigid Wing (Class 2)Bright Star Swift
Paris WilliamsFlexwingIcaro Laminar
2001Hearne, TXBrian PorterRigid WingBright Star Swift
Paris WilliamsFlexwingIcaro Laminar
2000Lakeview, ORBrian PorterRigid WingBright Star Swift
Bo HagewoodFlexwingWills Wing Fusion
1999Quest Air, FLBrian PorterRigid WingUtopia
Jim LeeFlexwingWills Wing Fusion
1998Dinosaur, CODave SharpRigid WingFlight Designs Exxtacy
Chris AraiFlexwingWills Wing Fusion
1997Lakeview, ORChris AraiOne ClassWills Wing Fusion
1996Dinosaur, COLarry TudorOne ClassWills Wing XC
1995Chelan, WAChris AraiOne ClassWills Wing XC
1994Mount Princeton, COChris AraiOne ClassWills Wing RamAir
1993Lakeview, ORJim LeeOne ClassWills Wing RamAir
1992Telluride, COBrad KojiOne ClassWills Wing HP AT
1991Owens Valley, CATony BartonOne ClassUP TRX
1990Dinosaur, COBruce CaseOne ClassWills Wing HP AT
1989Dunlap, CABrian PorterOne ClassOdyssey
1988Chattanooga, TNJoe BostikOne ClassWills Wing Sport
1987--Joe BostikOverall (on CPS points)Wills Wing HP II
1987Owens Valley, CAHoward OsterlundMeet WinnerAirwave Magic IV
1986--Rick RawlingsOverall (on CPS points)Wills Wing HP
1986Chelan, WARick RawlingsWorldWills Wing HP
Mike DailySporting 
1985--Rick RawlingsOverall (on CPS points)Wills Wing HP
1985Chelan, WARick RawlingsWorldWills Wing HP
Gerry UchytilSportingAirwave Magic
1984--Stew SmithOverall (on CPS points)Seedwings Sensor 510
1984Crestline, CARich PfeifferWorldSeedwings Sensor 510
Terry WilkinsSportingWills Wing Duck
1983--Rick RawlingsOverall (on CPS points)Wills Wing Duck
1983Dunlap, CAChris BulgerWorldBennett Delta Wing Streak
Lee FisherSportingSeedwings Sensor 510
1982Crestline, CARich BurtonOpenUP Comet
Rich PfeifferFlexwingWills Wing Duck
1981Slide Mountain, NVFred HutchinsonOpenManta Fledgling IIB
Rich PfeifferFlexwingSeedwings Sensor 510
1980Ellenville, NYRex MillerOpenManta Fledgling IIB
Tom HaddonFlexwingUP Comet
1979Crestline, CAEric RaymondOne ClassManta Fledgling IIB
1978Hyner View, PADennis PagenOne ClassSky Sports Sirocco II
1977Heavener, OKHenry BraddockFlexwing/OpenMoyes Maxi
Rob ReedStandardElectra Flyer Cirrus
Brad WhiteRigid WingMitchell Wing
1976Dog Mountain, WARob ReedStandardBennett Delta Wing 19/13
Keith NicholsOpenASG 21
Ken KoklenskiUnlimitedManta Fledgling
1975Grandfather Mtn, NCDave MuehlOverallEipper 19 x 17
Chris PriceOpenPrice Special
Chris WillsAdvanced StandardWills Wing Swallowtail
Dave MuehlStandardEipper 19 x 17
1974Escape Country, CABob WillsFlexwingWills Wing Swallowtail
Jack SchroederRigid WingEipper Quicksilver
1973Sylmar, CAChris WillsOne ClassWills Wing


US Hang Gliding National Series Champions: 2012-2014

The National Series Champion earned the most total NTSS points from their best two sanctioned US hang gliding competitions that calendar year.

YearClassNational Series Champion Glider Calc
2014OpenZac Majors  
SportCory Barnwell  
2013OpenZac Majors  
2012OpenKraig Coomber  

Historical results are being researched and will be posted as soon as completed.

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