H&R Block nonprofit referral program

If you didn't use H&R Block last year, they'll give USHPA $20! Plus, a coupon so you'll get $25 off your tax return preparation fee.

Image titleH&R Block supports nonprofits

If you did not use H&R Block last year, then you are considered to be a "new client" in the eyes of H&R Block, even if you did file with them two years ago.  Write down this code: 40010001086866 and take it to a participating H&R Block office. Or, bring the flyer along with you.

Bonus discount for you

Before you go to the H&R Block office, text “richard” to 82222.  A unique coupon code will be texted back to you.  Make sure your tax preparer enters both codes (in two separate screens) near the end of your tax preparation. 

How it works

The non-profit referral code will secure a $20 donation for USHPA from H&R Block, as a thank you for referring a new customer, and the coupon code on your phone will get you $25 off of your tax return preparation fee.  The program is nationwide and folks don’t have to be members of USHPA to use the codes.  Feel free to pass them on to friends and family.  If enough people do it, the program will automatically renew each year for USHPA.  At the end of each tax season, a check is issued by H&R Block to USHPA!