GoPro for a Cause partners with The Cloudbase Foundation

Together, GoPro and The Cloudbase Foundation will enable pilots to become successful agents of change.

The Cloudbase Foundation is thrilled to announce a partnership with GoPro for a Cause starting with their largest program that has been a catalyst for amazing change and growth in Nepal for the last six years—KarmaFlights., lead by Prem Bahadur Kunwar and Isabella Messenger, has been a massively successful agent of change through community-based education programming before the earthquake and through effective earthquake response programs whose scope has grown daily.

GoPro has matching grant money available for the next 5 weeks to give to our organization of hang glider and paraglider pilots! Help us make sure Nepal is back on their feet, and join us in showing the world that while we are an adventure sport community we are also a group of individuals who can can effectively enact positive change. Part of the fundraising will be available for all free-flight pilots if we reach our goal!

Please watch the video, donate, and share! To donate right now, go to