Flying Site Awareness Signs

Have a flying site that is visited by the general public? Use a sign to give them a heads up!

As part of the Focused Pilot safety program, USHPA developed Flying Site Awareness signs that can be used to delineate an area where flying activities occur. Just take the PDF to your local sign-printing shop and then post it! Note that there are also online sign-printing shops, and many office supply stores can do sign-printing.

Printing Instructions

  • 9x9 Signs
  • Full Color (no bleed)
  • Drilled in corners for mounting
  • Lightweight aluminum sign for outdoor use


Flying Site Awareness Signs

Biwingual sign (PDF)

Active Flying Site - HG/PG

Hang gliding sign (PDF)

Active Flying Site - HG

Paragliding sign (PDF)

Active Flying Site - PG