Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK chest strap buckles

Airworthiness Notice - Jun. 8, 2016

Image titleThis is a critical safety notice for paragliding harnesses.

If your harness is more than 4 years old and uses these buckles for the chest strap it is advised that you STOP USING IT. With diagonal force the buckle can become undone inflight due to wear on the tongue portion. These Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles are used in many models of paragliding harness, including Advance, Ava-Sports, Apco, Finsterwalder & Charly, Karpofly, Sky Paragliders, Skytrekking, Sol, and Woody Valley.

The official notice has been published on the DHV website: Safety notice for paraglider harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap

Contact your harness dealer or distributor for more information on the recommended action per your harness manufacturer.

Note that the service life of these buckles if used only under static load is 10 years.