Editorial Dropbox

To submit content for the magazine or website, please use the Editorial Dropbox to upload the files

Steps for Submitting Content for the Magazine

  1. Please make sure you have a current Contributor Agreement on file. You can check with the USHPA Editor, to confirm your status.
  2. If you do not have a current Contributor Agreement on file or are not sure, please complete the agreement here:
    USHPA Contributor Agreement
  3. Please fill out the form below and add your files either by dragging them in to the area marked "Drop files here" or by clicking the button to browse for files on your computer.

Please note: The files you upload will be organized by your email address, and then by the subject. To help us locate your most recent uploads, please add the current date in the subject line! You will receive an email notification upon successful upload.

Submission Guidelines


  • Submit as .doc, .pdf, or .txt file.
  • Include your title and name in the document.


  • Submit as high resolution as possible.
  • Submit as separate files from stories. Do not include photos in the story document unless you are also providing them as separate files.
  • Files as .jpg, .tiff, .png preferred but other formats will work.
  • Include a separate file (.doc, .txt) that lists a caption for each photo submitted.


More information is always better but must include:

  • Name of pilot(s)
  • Name of photographer
  • Photo location
  • (optional but helpful) A description of what is happening in the photo (e.g. searching for an LZ, So-and-so giving a briefing to pilots at the HG comp, Pilots so-and-so honing in on the core of a ripping thermal)

Refer to Editorial guidelines for more information.


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