USHPA Commission Program

A new initiative to support new pilots and instructors and grow our sports

USHPA is excited to announce a new initiative aimed at growing our membership and our sports. The USHPA Commission Program will reward instructors and schools for each student they bring into the association as a full pilot member.

This joint venture between PASA, Recreation RRG, and USHPA is the first program targeted at increasing annual memberships to support USHPA’s mission of ensuring the future of free flight. We’re excited to support new pilots from the beginning of their free flight career and to give back to the instructors helping them get into the air. Recreation RRG will also be crediting a portion of future insurance premiums for each new USHPA member.

The first year is a trial designed specifically for PASA/RRRG Large Business Flight Schools only. Beginning January 1, 2020, instructors at these 31 schools will receive $20 for each new pilot member that they bring into the association. After one year, the program will be evaluated to determine its sustainability as well as the potential to expand to other schools.

The commission program was initially approved at USHPA’s July board of directors meeting, with details worked out over subsequent meetings. By increasing the number of USHPA members, promoting the value of a full membership, and supporting our instructors and schools, we expect the program to substantially benefit the future of hang gliding and paragliding.


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