Charitable Giving

USHPA is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. There are many ways to give to the benefit of free flight in the US.

In many cases, your donation is tax-deductible - ranging from 50% to 100% depending on the amount and where you live. Contact your tax professional for more information. You should check with your employer to see if they have a matching program for charitable donations - often donations to any of the following will qualify for matching.

All of the following donations can also be made when joining USHPA or when renewing your membership.

Donate to USHPA

Donations can be made directly to USHPA for the General Fund. This money supports USHPA programs such protecting Free Flight Forever through self-insurance, USHPA Pilot magazine, the Safety Awareness Campaign, the Accident/Incident Reporting System (AIRS), public relations and marketing to support promotion of our sports, awards production, operating expenses, Instructor and Chapter Program Support, and other very important activities of USHPA business and operations.

Donate to USHPA

Also, we'd love to talk to volunteers for projects or committees, for more information refer to Volunteer opportunities.

Donate to the Foundation for Free Flight

NOTE: As of May 26th, 2020, USHPA has changed matching member donations to the Foundation for Free Flight.

USHPA gives $5,000 annually to the Foundation for Free Flight (FFF), a partner non-profit organization promoting and preserving free flight, to be used in a donation-matching pool. Originally a fundraising arm of the US Hang Gliding Association (later renamed to US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association), the FFF continues to fund projects that align with a similar mission as USHPA, to preserve hang gliding and paragliding in the United States. Through funding of programs and projects like General Fund, Site Preservation Fund, Safety and Education Fund, Competition Funds, Targeted Funds, and other preservation and granting efforts, the FFF creates a culture of support through its all-volunteer staff and board. An investment in the FFF is an investment in the future of our aviation sports, and we are a proud partner.

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