Arnold Frankenberger

2012 US Paragliding National Champion

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US Rank: #1 Race-to-Goal (R2G) Paragliding Open Class

Event: Rat Race Paragliding Race to Goal US National Championship
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Current City: Newport Beach, CA
Years Flying: Since 2006
Skills: P4 (Paragliding Advanced Rating)
USHPA# 86018
Local Club: Crestline Soaring Society
Gear: Niviuk Icepeak 6, Advance Impress 3
Sponsors: Eagle Paragliding
Longest Flight: 140 miles, Quixada Brasil
Favorite Aspect of Paragliding: I love every aspect of flying – the serenity and adrenalin, the way world looks from the air, the intensity and focus of competition, and the adventure of xc flight.

Arnold writes – Jun 24, 2012: “The results are in and it was quite an event for me. I ended up in first place and am the US national champion for 2012. It is quite an honor to be on the podium with Nick [Greece] and Josh [Cohn]. To beat these guys took a mix of my best flying and some luck on my side when I needed it most. Definitely the highlight of my short competition career so far!”