ACE accreditation application

The ACE event application - a.k.a. getting event insurance

Accredited Competitions and Events (ACE) are fly-ins, casual competitions (without sanctioning) and other chapter events. Completing an ACE application is the first step in the process of gaining event insurance for your non-sanctioned event.

Do I even need event insurance for my event?

Good question. Check out the guidelines in this document: ACE Event vs Chapter Event Guidelines. It should help you decide whether you do or not.

Looks like I do need it - so now what do I do?

First get your event accredited - then apply for your event insurance. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the entire process so that both USHPA and the RRG can adequately review the details of your event. Shorter timeframes will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

Step 1: Submit an ACE application to USHPA

Complete the application at the bottom of this page to let USHPA know more about your event. You may want to refer to the ACE Accreditation Manual  for more information on planning and hosting a successful event. At this time, you will also pay your ACE event fee (based on the length of your event) which will include any event insurance fees.

Step 2: Wait patiently while your ACE application is reviewed for approval by USHPA (please allow about a week for this process)

USHPA will do quick pre-screening review and, if needed, contact you to discuss any details they think may present a challenge to getting insurance. This can save a lot of time and help you prepare for the actual event insurance application itself.

Step 3: After your ACE application is approved, apply for your event insurance

When your event is approved for accreditation by USHPA, you will receive an email from the office. This email will contain:

  • a copy of your fully-signed ACE event agreement
  • the event insurance application, along with the "Come Prepared" help-guide for completing the application (both pdf files)
  • a link to the USHPA online Event Calendar, so that you can submit your event for posting on the website

It is at this point that you will be able to complete your event insurance application and submit it for review by the RRG. Completed applications and all accompanying documentation should be sent to the USHPA office, who will then forward everything on to the RRG. Please allow at least a week for the RRG review and the issuing of your event insurance certificates.

Step 1: The ACE Application