Accident Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Accident Assistance Fund (“AAF”) is to provide financial assistance to United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (“USHPA”) members who experience an accident while participating in hang gliding or paragliding activities, to help cover medical and other expenses resulting from an accident. The AAF is not insurance and is not intended to be a replacement for insurance, but rather to help with insurance deductibles and unforeseen medical and associated expenses in times of need. The AAF will initially be limited to a maximum of $1,500 for any incident.

To kickstart the AAF, our board members Charles Allen and Faiz Kayyem have generously agreed to match donations up to $5,000 each, for a total of $10,000, during 2023. This is an incredible opportunity to double the impact of your contribution to the AAF, helping fellow pilots in need.


1. To be eligible for assistance from the AAF, the individual must be a current USHPA member in good standing at the time of the accident.

2. The accident must have occurred during an officially recognized hang gliding or paragliding activity, such as training, recreational flying, or competition.

3. If the accident happened at a USHPA chapter site the individual must have been a member of the chapter, or had prior permission to fly the site pursuant to the rules of such chapter.

4. The applicant must provide proof of the accident by reporting the accident through USHPA’s Preliminary Incident Report system and, as may be requested, provide documentation of expenses, subject to HIPAA restrictions, from the treating medical facility.

5. The applicant must have exhausted all other available resources for financial assistance, including insurance coverage, before seeking help from the AAF.

6. Officers, Directors, and staff of USHPA are not eligible for assistance from the AAF. This restriction is to avoid any inurement and private benefit of an individual with significant influence over USHPA which is prohibited for 501(c)(3) organizations.

Application Process

1. To apply for assistance, the member or their representative must submit a completed Accident Assistance Fund Application Form  to the USHPA office within 120 days of the accident.

2. The application form must include a detailed description of the accident, medical or other expenses seeking AAF assistance with, and any other relevant information.

3. The USHPA office will review the application and may request additional documentation or clarification if necessary.

4. The USHPA office will forward the completed application to the AAF allocations committee (the “Allocations Committee”) for evaluation.

Review and Approval Process

1. The Allocations Committee will evaluate the application based on the eligibility criteria and the availability of funds and will have discretion with respect to any assistance.

2. The Allocations Committee may approve full or partial assistance depending on the severity of the accident, the financial need of the applicant, and the availability of funds. The Allocations Committee may also implement caps from time to time depending on the availability of funds.

3. The Allocations Committee anticipates making decisions within 30 days of receiving the completed application but may take longer.

4. The USHPA office will notify the applicant of the Allocations Committee’s decision in writing.

Disbursement of Funds

1. Upon approval of the application, the USHPA office will disburse the approved funds.

2. The disbursement of funds will be made within 30 days of the Allocations Committee’s decision.

Fund Management

1. The AAF will be managed by the USHPA, and all contributions will be dedicated solely for the purpose of the fund.

2. USHPA will actively seek donations and contributions to the AAF to ensure its continued operation.

3. USHPA will provide an annual report detailing the activities and financial status of the AAF.


1. This policy may be amended by a majority vote of the USHPA Board of Directors.

Interested in Donating?

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Remember, your donations will be matched by Charles Allen and Faiz Kayyem up to $5,000 each for a total of $10,000 in 2023.