Timeline: Governance Proposal Re-Vote

Key dates for the governance proposal re-vote occurring April 17 - May 28, 2019. 

A proposal to restructure USHPA's board of directors (referred to as the "governance proposal") will be up for a re-vote by the full membership between April 17, 2019 and May 28, 2019 (extended from May 16).

Under the proposed new structure, the board size would be reduced from 26 regionally elected directors to 10 nationally elected directors, and the current 12 regions would be reduced to 5. The proposal also includes diversity criteria designed to ensure that, as much as possible, all regions, wing types, genders, and age groups would be represented on the smaller board.

To download the full proposal and proposed bylaws, read arguments for and against, and see other information, please visit the main governance proposal page. If you have any difficulty downloading documents or any other questions, please contact the USHPA office.

Both electronic and paper ballots will be accepted to facilitate participation by as many members as possible. All current members (as of March 31, 2019 at 5 pm MDT) will receive a postcard and an email with voting information in April. While members are encouraged to vote online, they are welcome to call the number on their postcard to receive a paper ballot if preferred.

Re-Vote Timeline

3/31/2019 (Sunday, 5 pm MDT) – Date/time of record for eligible members to vote with list generated and sent to election service. NOTE: If you're not a current member and would like to participate in the vote, please join or renew by Sunday, March 31 at 5 pm MDT. All pending paper applications eligible for renewal will be completed by close of business on Friday, March 29

4/17/2019 (Wednesday, 12 pm MDT) – Election opens with emails sent to vote and postcards mailed

4/23/2019 (Tuesday) – Reminder email & social media to vote

4/30/2019 (Tuesday) – Reminder email & social media to vote

5/8/2019 (Wednesday) – Reminder email & social media to vote

5/14/2019 (Tuesday) – Reminder email & social media to vote

5/21/2019 (Tuesday) – Reminder email & social media to vote before the election closes the following week

5/28/2019 (Tuesday, 8 am MDT) – Final reminder morning of election close

5/28/2019 (Tuesday, 5 pm MDT) – Election closes, extended from May 16 (all mail-in ballots must be received--not postmarked--at the USHPA office by close of business on this date)

5/29/2019 (Wednesday) – Membership notified of results

5/30/2019 (Thursday) – If proposal passes, bylaws go into effect in conjunction with a board call to elect new transitional board of directors