Towing Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers... about tow launching.

How do you tow a hang glider?

There are a number of ways, but they include using a static line, a payout winch, a stationary winch or aero tow.

How does a hang glider take off when it’s being towed?

The pilot may foot launch, platform launch or dolly launch the glider, or even launch the glider from floats on the water.

Does it take any training to learn to fly a hang glider under tow?

A hang glider is somewhat more difficult to fly under tow, and the pilot must also be aware of the various things that can go wrong in order to react appropriately.

USHPA has tow administrators who can rate people for tow. Most of those are also instructors and can train people to tow safely.

How about flying a paraglider under tow?

Paragliders are relatively easy to fly under tow with several exceptions. However, learning to fly a paraglider under tow should be done under the supervision of a qualified Paragliding Tow Observer.

In some areas of the US, towing is the primary method of launch and many pilots seldom launch any other way.