Things to Know When Flying Internationally

Information and requirements for hang gliding or paragliding in other countries.

Domestic and international USHPA members engage in free-flight activities all around the world, and flying in other countries is a fantastic way to explore while enjoying the sport. However, rules and regulations still apply to pilots. Please read the following so that you're prepared for your trip.

USHPA Member Requirements

  1. Foreign governments may have very different regulations for hang gliding and paragliding. All pilots and instructors must comply with the local laws where they intend to fly or train. USHPA has no authority outside the USA and it is incumbent on pilots and instructors to verify if and how hang gliding and paragliding activity is authorized in those countries.
  2. USHPA ratings are only valid in the USA and you are encouraged to obtain an IPPI card (available on USHPA’s store) to define your ratings in the countries where you intend to fly.
  3. You may also be required to join other national organizations to obtain their local insurance and sign corresponding waivers that protect flying sites, pilots and other interested parties in those countries. Details about USHPA’s insurance benefit are available in the Member Resources section of the website.

Additional Considerations for Tandem Pilots and Basic/Advanced Instructors

  1. Tandem pilots planning to fly outside the USA are reminded that the FAA Tandem Exemption #4721 only applies to flights conducted in the USA and does not authorize you to operate in other countries. While tandems may be allowed in some foreign countries, it is the pilot’s responsibility to verify and adhere to local laws.
  2. All tandem flight participants (even outside the USA) must have a current USHPA membership. Tandem Instructors (T3) must fly with current USHPA members with a student rating (H0/P0) or higher. At this time, based on the 2018 revisions to the Tandem Exemption, Tandem 1 (T1) rated pilots may only fly with Tandem Instructors. Flights conducted without current USHPA members may result in revocation of tandem and instructor appointments.
  3. Basic & Advanced instructors must only train current members of the USHPA. Training conducted without current USHPA members may result in revocation of tandem and instructor appointments.


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