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MT | PASA-87 Black Bird Paragliding
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We are located in beautiful Missoula, Montana, with four Mountain launches looking over town. We mainly hike and fly and are made up of three instructors and a wonderful community of pilots. We want to share our passion for flying with anyone stoked to learn!


MT | PASA-97 FlyLife Paragliding
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FlyLife Paragliding is a PASA approved, USHPA certified free flight school and equipment retailer dedicated to providing a wide variety of quality products and outstanding customer service. Whether you are looking to buy gliders, harnesses, helmets, instruments, reserves or accessories, our gear will offer complete comfort and safety. Our staff of pilots have chosen only the top manufacturers to provide the best equipment possible for all types of free flight including cross country, ridge soaring, competition and acro. FlyLife Paragliding has access to several training hills around Bozeman, MT and we offer detailed instructions to every student in our flight school. Our instructors, John Hosemann and Ryan Schwab are USHPA certified instructors teaching pilots to fly safely while creating lifetime memories for clients.


OR | PASA-11 Discover Paragliding!
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Tandem and Solo Paragliding instruction, from beginner training and first tandem flights to advanced instruction, including instructor and tandem pilot certifications. Our tow launched training system combined with our location on Sunset Beach makes learning safe and comfortable, assuring hours of actual airtime for our P2/Novice training students.




OR | PASA-44 Max Roc Paragliding
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Beginning through advanced instruction.
Gear, sales and service.

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OR | PASA-50 Thermal Tracker
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Thermal Tracker Paragliding offers comprehensive paragliding instruction in southern Oregon for all skill levels and ages, from beginner lessons to advanced instruction, thermal/XC clinics to SIV safety courses, and more. We offer full certification for pilots (P1 through P4) and tandem instructors. Safe instruction is our first priority and this is reflected in our excellent track record. Our instruction addresses both the physical and mental aspects of paragliding and we won’t push you beyond your comfort zone or certify you before you’re ready. Owner and advanced instructor Kevin Lee was awarded USHPA Instructor of the Year in 2006. Our teaching techniques are among the best available to the sport and we are continually evolving and improving our approach in combination with modern, high-quality equipment.


WY | PASA-4 Jackson Hole Paragliding
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Learn to fly in beautiful Jackson Hole from our Team of professional instructors. Our lesson program is challenging and most importantly FUN! Pilots who earn their ratings here are confident to fly successfully in a variety of conditions and sites.




Nor CA | PASA-15 Airtime of San Francisco
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Since 1988 Jeff Greenbaum and Airtime of San Francisco have taught hundreds of people how to safely fly paragliders. Airtime offers paragliding lessons and paragliding tandem flights at sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. Airtime of San Francisco produces the best trained pilots in Northern California. Paragliding Instruction is done at several locations in San Mateo, Santa Clara as well as Mountain trips to flying sites near the Bay Area.




UT | PASA-19 Cloud 9 Paragliding
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Cloud 9 Paragliding continues to be the nations largest destination paragliding center. P2 and beyond lessons taught 365 days a year. We have a full time retail shop staffed 6 days a week during normal business hours and distribute gear to other schools across the USA and Canada, as well as a full time repair loft servicing any make and model of paraglider.

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UT | PASA-74 Color Country Paragliding
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Four different Training sites. 350 feet to 3300 feet of vertical. Huge landing zones. Located in beautiful Central Utah. Avoid the crowds.

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UT | PASA-91 White Cloud Adventures, LLC
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My school focuses on developing true pilots in command and going far above and beyond the P2 minimums. Hike and fly as well as advanced kiting instruction can be found here.

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UT | PASA-96 Wasatch Hang Gliding, LLC
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My hang gliding school operates at the Point of the Mountain flight park in Draper Utah, only half an hour from Salt Lake City. We offer a wide range of hang gliding services. From 1st time tandem flights and lessons to private instruction for existing pilots to harness, hang glider, and accessory sales. Come and soar with us!




So CA | PASA-5 Jerome Daoust Paragliding School
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Focus on making pilots (solo flying instruction).
I train and certify other instructors.
Progress at your own speed and get customized instruction focused on your needs.

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CO | PASA-89 Red Tail Paragliding
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Professional paragliding instruction. Intro lessons, pilot certification courses and tandem flights. Learn to fly for the day or a lifetime!





NM | PASA-12 Enchanted Air Paragliding
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We provide Paragliding lessons and instruction programs with a focus on developing pilots that possess the skills and knowledge to enable the highest level of proficiency and safety in a three dimensional free flight environment.




NC | PASA-49 Thermal Valley, Inc | North Carolina
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Fly with a tandem aero-tow instructor and learn basic flying skills while being immersed in the atmosphere and the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Learn to fly solo with us thru training hill, scooter tow and mountain foot launch training. Also offering aero tow ratings.

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OK | PASA-23 Southwest Airsports, LLC
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We want you to learn how to safely fly a paraglider. This takes extensive training and, most importantly, lots of practice but it is worth the effort. It is the rawest form of aviation and the closest thing there is to being a bird. We train in the Ouachita Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma & Arkansas.



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