Promoting Hang Gliding and Paragliding Through Interactive Media

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USHPA publishes a full-color magazine, USHPA Pilot, an annual wall calendar, and this website. All highlight the sports of hang gliding and paragliding, invite editorial submissions, and offer opportunities for advertising. This communal fire-pit functions as an inspirational meeting place for members to talk about education, gear, flying sites, travels, and to hear from the organization about policies, initiatives, and news.

USHPA Pilot Magazine


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Rigid Wing Guidelines

These guidelines are offered to pilots intending to fly rigid wings (Class 2) hang gliders either with no previous hang gliding experience or with previous flex-wing (Class 1) experience. We refer to the case with previous flex-wing experience as ... Read more


1999 Paragliding Accident Summary

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To me, the sport of foot launch flying is a sport of continual awakening. The first time my feet left the ground I was awakened. The first time I flew with a wake of buzzards, the first time I shared the thermal with an eagle, the first time a haw... Read more


Really Big Collapses

I hate it when I hear stories of my friends losing control of their wings and either crashing or coming down under reserve parachute. This happened to several of my friends already this year, after they were hit with large collapses flying in strong Read more


Rigid Wings - Part I: Spins, Speeds and Safety

Advice and analysis from Dennis Pagen, originally published in Hang Gliding Magazine, September 1999 Read more

Kitty Hawk Kites
Eagle Paragliidng