USHPA Monthly Board Meeting

Date, agenda, and registration link for USHPA's next monthly, remote board of directors meeting.

Image titleUSHPA members are invited to our upcoming remote board meeting! Please register by the deadline below to attend. We hope to see you there!

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Time: 6:00 pm MST
Registration deadline: Monday, February 10 at 5:00 pm MST

The meeting will be held online via a Zoom conference call, and all members are invited to attend (remember to register by the deadline using the link below). Many members have expressed an interest in better understanding how USHPA operates, who makes decisions, and the organization's financial picture. Come to a board meeting and find out!

The next in-person USHPA board meeting will be held in fall 2020. Please see here for details about the next in-person meeting.

Online Meeting Registration and Access

Online meeting access is available to members as a member benefit and to keep you informed of USHPA’s efforts to further our mission.

Registration link: Register here
Registration deadline: Monday, February 10 at 5:00 pm MST

The board has discussed opening meetings to the public, but doing so would create additional hurdles that would ultimately result in less access on a regular basis to members. This is due to every individual present, not just directors, being required to provide their approval to be broadcast for each meeting. It would also require that each individual provide releases related to their likeness and permission to use for broadcast purposes. Since non-approval to be broadcast could be provided by attendees at any point up to the meeting start, any denials would result in last minute cancellations of meeting broadcasts. This seemed problematic if we wanted to keep our target audience informed on a regular basis.

Agenda and Schedule

Meeting agenda items will include:

  • (Coming soon)

Previous Meeting Summary

January meeting summary coming soon.

USHPA's December remote board meeting took place on Wednesday, December 4 (following the fall 2019 in-person board meeting on October 25-26, USHPA did not hold a November meeting this year). 3 members registered for the meeting, and 1 attended. We were excited to have 3 of the 4 newly elected board members, who will take office on January 1, join the meeting.

A brief summary of the December meeting is provided below:

  • Strategic Planning Committee update: Goal to provide draft of new committee architecture (a reimagining of USHPA's committees with the aim of making the organization as efficient and effective as possible) by the next meeting
  • Post SOPs for member feedback
  • Discussion of situations that require ACE insurance from the RRG for chapter events. Documents detailing these requirements will be made available on the USHPA website, and the RRG is available to provide support
  • Update to travel reimbursement policy for directors and volunteers
  • After the new directors take office in January, the board will nominate and elect 2 designated directors for 1-year terms

Drafts of full meeting minutes are available here.

For information about USHPA's annual in-person board meeting, please click here.


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