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Frequently asked questions about USHPA membership.

What is a 30-Day / Temporary / Affliate membership?

New students and visiting pilots may be eligible to join USHPA as Affiliate members. These memberships are temporary, lasting only 30 days from the time of application, so they are commonly referred to as "30-Day" or temporary memberships.

How do I get a 30-Day / Temporary / Affiliate membership?

Affiliate memberships for Students are only available from USHPA certified Schools or Instructors  and provide 30 days of insurance coverage while taking lessons, including participating as a passenger during a tandem instructional flight. The application also includes a Student rating.

Visiting pilots may obtain an Affiliate membership either from a USHPA certified Instructor or from an authorized representative of a USHPA Chapter , or an organizer during a sanctioned or accredited event. An Affiliate membership provides Third Party Liability Insurance for international pilots. Note that Affiliate members are not eligible for ratings higher than "Student"; international pilots must show proof of proficiency via ratings from their homeland rating organization together with an IPPI Card. For more information, see International pilot information

Can I join USHPA online?

All new membership applications must be received as hard copy (on paper) with original signatures. There are no group memberships or online memberships at this time. Print paper form

When can I renew my USHPA membership?

Members may renew online up to 90 days before the expiration of their current membership. If your membership has already expired, you may still renew online within 36 months of your expiration date. Renew online  

If your membership expired more than 3 years ago you can not currently renew online. You must print a paper form and send that in to the office. 

If you choose to renew via the paper membership form, a $15 Paper Processing Fee will be charged.

What happens if my membership expired more than 3 years ago?

Memberships that expired more than 3 years ago will require re-evaluation of all ratings and special skills (for your safety and that of the greater community). Your membership can be renewed, but your ratings will not be reinstated until receipt of appropriate paperwork from a current USHPA certified Instructor. We will be happy to send you a list of former ratings for your records.

Members whose membership expired more than 3 years ago should submit a new Membership Application with Waiver. Please note you are renewing, and provide your previous member number, if available. You may send via email or FAX if we have your original waiver on file (your membership was valid some time after 2005).

How do I join USHPA?

Download the Membership Application with Waiver, print it, fill it out completely (including signing the waiver on the back) and return the original paper copy to USHPA:

USPS Mail: USHPA, PO Box 1330, Colorado Springs, CO 80901
FedEx/UPS: USHPA, 1685 W Uintah Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

I still have a question

Please contact us via one of the following methods:

Email: [email protected]
Fax: (719) 632-6417
Phone: (800) 616-6888
USHPA offices are open M-F (8am-5pm MT)


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