Membership Dues for 2016

The Board approved a membership dues increase on Monday, November 16th, 2015.

Dues Increase December 1, 2015

Effective December 1st, 2015:

  • Dues for Pilot membership will increase to $150.
  • Dues for Affiliate (30-day) membership will increase to $8.
  • Magazine subscriptions will change to bi-monthly (6 issues).

Factors driving the increase

Insurance is a critical element in support of free flight in North America, and a significant benefit that members expect from USHPA. To support our mission of ensuring the future of free flight, insurance is a top priority. Without it, site landowners would no longer be protected, members would no longer have protection from third party claims and therefore would face increased financial burden in the event of an accident, and all pilots would lose access to a significant number of our flying sites, including hallmark sites like Fort Funston, Yosemite and the Point of the Mountain.

USHPA has experienced increased insurance premiums in recent years (the 2015 premium was more than double that of 2010). Even more disturbing, in the last few months hang gliding and paragliding schools have been notified by the underwriters that they will not be able to renew their individual school policies, and that USHPA will not be able to renew its Professional Liability policy for instructors. Therefore, USHPA will be forming a self-insurance entity called a Risk Retention Group (RRG).

Creating the RRG will result in increased expenses for USHPA, and will force us to increase dues in order to continue obtaining the insurance that members and free flight rely on.

For more information, visit the Free Flight Forever website.

Mark G. Forbes
USHPA Finance/Insurance/Risk Management Committee Chairman and Treasurer
November 2015

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