Luis Rosenkjer

2012 US Paragliding Sport Class National Champion

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US Rank: #1 Race-to-Goal (R2G) Paragliding Sport Class

Event: Rat Race Paragliding Race to Goal US National Championship
Hometown: Bariloche, Argentina
Current City: Auburn, GA
Years Flying: Since 1987
Skills: Advanced Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Surface Tow Administrator, Tandem Administrator, IP Administrator, Paragliding Tour Leader, SIV instructor.
USHPA# 66597
Local Club: Southern Para Pilots
Gear: Gradient Aspen4
Sponsors: Gradient, Atlanta Paragliding
Longest Flight: 159 miles, Colonia Catriel, Argentina
Favorite Aspect of Paragliding: The chances we have to make new friends anywhere in the world while doing what we like most.

When I started flying paragliders, best glide was 3.5/1 and max speed around 18 mph. It’s amazing how much it has all improved! I learned how to fly in France, and since then flew over 100 different sites, mostly in Europe, South America and the US. My favorite sites are Bariloche in Argentina because of it’s beauty, Iquique in Chile because of it’s reliability and the area around Chamonix in France because…, well because it’s Chamonix, and also because around there is where it all started. My favorite flights are the ones on very weak conditions, where you have to fight for every single foot you gain, usually with some low saves involved. And even though I’m trying to slow down, I love competing! More often than not, on low-rated paragliders…

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