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The US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, dedicated to the promotion, preservation and training of free-flight (unpowered hang gliding & paragliding) in the USA.

You can find USHPA’s mission here. We embrace diversity, integrity, technology, and transparency to serve our membership and drive the health and growth of our sports. We seek motivated, passionate people with a lively intelligence who can think, create and execute, and who work well on a team.



NOTE: This posting may not include all details of the editor responsibilities. Final requirements will be defined in the agreement between USHPA and the contracted editor. Click here to download and print a PDF copy of the job posting.


  • Solicit articles, handle correspondence, service the advertisers, oversee typesetting, layout, printing and general technical aspects of the physical production of the magazine and design and the production-ready artwork
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for upcoming issue themes
  • Identify, contact, and collaborate editorially with new and prospective writers, photographers, and advertisers
  • Regularly contribute own writing and analysis on a per issue basis; control publication costs to keep them within the Association’s budget


  • Edit and approve submissions received by contributors for content, applicability, relevance and veracity for publication in USHPA Pilot magazine and the annual USHPA hang gliding and paragliding calendars
  • Write submission for each issue of the magazine’s “Editor’s Corner” feature, reviewing the content of the current issue and drawing it together for the reader. Contribute other original work as appropriate
  • Collaboratively work with the contracted Art Director to create exciting and attractive layouts for content
  • Collaboratively work with the USHPA Operations Manager and Art Director to review content of display and classified advertising
  • In collaboration with the USHPA Officers, Membership & Communications Committee, USHPA staff, and Association Counsel, examine content for potential legal issues and reconcile as possible without discarding content
  • Produce article for the next available magazine publication after board meetings to summarize events and actions taken by the board
Content Solicitation
  • Actively recruit new writing talent and photographers from across the USHPA membership and the flying community as a whole
  • Ensure all contributors follow proper submission procedures, including completion of appropriate contributor agreements. Coordinate with the USHPA staff in execution of contributor payments
  • Routinely contact staff writers, contributors and photographers for new content to print and communicate
  • Retrieve imagery for republication as appropriate and allowed
Advertising Solicitation
  • Actively recruit new advertisers from across the USHPA membership and the flying community as a whole
  • Coordinate with the USHPA staff in execution of advertising agreements and payments
  • Routinely contact advertisers for new content and to renew annual contracts
Committee & Board Participation
  • Attend the annual USHPA Board of Directors meetings and participate with the Membership & Communications Committee as appropriate
  • Collaborate with the Membership & Communications Committee on initiatives relating to the magazine and broader communications plan


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Communications, or English or equivalent experience
  • At least 3 years of experience (5 years without degree) in publishing or editing
  • Must be technically proficient in office computing and be able to effectively use editorial software, specifically Adobe InDesign and/or InCopy. Must be able to effectively leverage Internet technologies in order to communicate and collaborate with contributors and other team members


  • Two to four years of independent writing and editing experience and the demonstrated ability to thoroughly research stories and topics while handling multiple tasks in an organized manner
  • Must be able to carefully proofread and meticulously locate errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • High level of competency in proofreading and copy editing is vital
  • An ability to brainstorm effectively with strong-willed contributors without frustration is key
  • Must be able to collaborate effectively with a team and take constructive criticism
  • Must have an established network within the free flight community, or the ability to establish one
  • Must be able to meet regularly recurring deadlines and adapt to a fluid schedule, including working evenings and weekends when necessary
  • Enthusiasm and background in free flight aviation (hang gliding or paragliding) highly desired. Background in sports style writing desired
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign/InCopy is a plus


  • Independent contractor position. Contract negotiated annually.


  • Submit cover letter and resume to by October 4th, 2019
  • Subject line should include: Magazine Editor - [Your Name]
  • Please send questions on this position to Do not call or visit the office
  • Desired start date: Between October 11th and November 15th



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