IPPI cards for international travel

Traveling outside the US? Bring your wing! But don't forget your IPPI card.

This page is for U.S. pilots who will be visiting non-U.S. countries to fly. Some foreign countries require an International Pilot Proficiency Information (IPPI) Card in order to provide proof of flying experience and proficiency. Here's a list of countries that recognize the IPPI card, and here's a Sample IPPI Card .

The IPPI Card was created by the FAI so there would be a single, internationally recognized description of pilot compentencies. Note that in most countries (including the US), the IPPI card is not a valid rating on its own. You also need your USHPA rating card as confirmation of your national rating.

USHPA members can purchase an IPPI card from the Flight Document Orders page. If you have any questions about IPPI cards please contact the USHPA office.

For information about foreign flying sites you should contact the appropriate regional club and/or national association for your destination.

USHPA/IPPI Conversion Chart

Paragliding Hang Gliding
ParaPro Stage
PG Rating
SafePro Stage
HG Rating
ParaPro 1 P-1 SafePro 1 H-1
ParaPro 2 P-2 SafePro 2 H-2
ParaPro 3 P-3 + TUR* SafePro 3 H-3 + TUR*
P-4 H-4
ParaPro 4 P-3 + TUR* + RS* SafePro 4 H-3 + TUR* + 2 hrs ridge
P4 + RS* H4 + 2 hrs ridge
ParaPro 5 P4 + XC* SafePro 5 H-4 + XC*
*TUR - Turbulence Skill
*RS - Ridge Soaring Skill
*XC - Cross Country Skill


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