Editorial Contributor Payment Policy

1. For all editorial contributions there will be a standard pay rate determined by the editor and published on this USHPA web site. This pay schedule will apply to both writing and photography/artwork.

Exceptions: A) USHPA employees will not be paid for contributions. B) USHPA officials who write an article or submit photos as part of their job will not be paid (e.g. accident report articles).

2. Payment will be made according to the terms of the Contributor Agreement and according to the published pay scale.

3. If the author and photographer(s) for a particular article are two (or more) different persons payment will be handled separately and will require a signed contributor's agreement and an invoice from each person.

4. After USHPA pays the invoice, the signed contributor's agreement will be kept on file in the USHPA office.

5. Each editorial contributor will be entitled to three complimentary copies of the magazine issue his or her article appears in. If the contributor wants additional copies, he or she may choose to trade all or a portion of the contributor's fee at a rate of $5 per additional copy.

Contributor Rates

Contributor Agreement