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Division Instruction Offered Name City State Phone
PG Advanced & Tandem Jonathan Sirrine Camano Island WA 612-770-7725
PG Advanced & Tandem Denise Reed Cashmere WA 509-782-5543
PG Advanced & Tandem Craig Cunningham Covington WA 206-696-2084
PG Advanced & Tandem Marc Chirico Issaquah WA 206-387-3477
PG Advanced & Tandem Matt Senior Issaquah WA 206-420-9101
PG Advanced & Tandem Jaromir Lahulek Maple Falls WA 425 367 8555
PG Advanced & Tandem Jeremy Bishop Orting WA 619-618-6173
PG Advanced & Tandem Steven Wilson Redmond WA 425-497-9048
PG Advanced & Tandem Lawrence Wallman Seattle WA 206-595-8364
PG Advanced & Tandem Mike Steen Seattle WA 801-330-6542
PG Advanced & Tandem Morgan Hollingsworth Spokane WA 509-991-7380
PG Advanced Lan-do Chirico Issaquah WA 206-387-3477
PG Basic & Tandem Jesse Williams Bellingham WA 360-201-2983
PG Basic & Tandem Iain Frew Duvall WA 206-409-9720
PG Basic & Tandem Kevin White Duvall WA 425-229-1944
PG Basic & Tandem Jared Lyman Issaquah WA 206-465-1172
PG Basic & Tandem Julie Williams Issaquah WA 206-427-4234
PG Basic & Tandem Owen Shoemaker Issaquah WA 206-604-1709
PG Basic & Tandem Cort Montague Kirkland WA 206-849-9413
PG Basic & Tandem Madhu Chikkaraju Leavenworth WA 2067476977
PG Basic & Tandem Christopher Pyse Maple Valley WA 2067071110
PG Basic & Tandem Gilead Almosnino Redmond WA 425-691-8986
PG Basic & Tandem Maikel Van-der-verren Seattle WA 410-717-8564
PG Basic Travis Potter Seattle WA 3604704987
PG Tandem Jim Harmon Bainbridge Island WA 206-842-9672
PG Tandem Allan Wood Bellevue WA 425-444-7982
PG Tandem Vinay Venkatachalapathy Bothell WA 425-891-9763
PG Tandem Brian Franklin Issaquah WA 206-819-9183
PG Tandem Matt Becker Issaquah WA 425-761-6533
PG Tandem Randy Campadore Issaquah WA 206-999-5555
PG Tandem Gordon Grice Issaquah WA 425-503-4241
PG Tandem Andrew Mcnabb Issaquah WA 425-420-6281
PG Tandem Stefan Viljoen Issaquah WA 425-802-5488
PG Tandem Evan Bouchier Issaquah WA 9709460561
PG Tandem Gene Beaver Kent WA 253-208-8123
PG Tandem Robert Heim Maple Valley WA 206-595-1435
PG Tandem Theodore Sopher Renton WA 206-465-3738
PG Tandem David Milroy Sammamish WA 425-785-1058
PG Tandem Andrey Shedel Sammamish WA 425-381-5739
PG Tandem Jiri Richter Seattle WA 425-417-0738
PG Tandem Jacob Pratt Seattle WA 805-509-8656
PG Tandem Derek Baylor Seattle WA 206.683.7449
PG Tandem Cj Brockway Seattle WA 206.251.8117
PG Tandem Joshua Hockett Seattle WA 206-351-5097
PG Tandem Matt Cone Seattle WA 502-324-5301
PG Tandem Chris Amonson Seattle WA 206-595-6073
PG Tandem Francisco Henriquez Seattle WA 206-940-8931
PG Tandem Matthew Amend Seattle WA 206-718-1605
PG Tandem Chris Mackay Tulalip WA 425-314-7448

DISCLAIMER: USHPA Certification of an instructor means that the instructor has completed a course of training with USHPA and successfully completed both practical and written testing concerning this training. Just like a university who offers a degree after completion of certain courses, USHPA makes no warranty or representations as to the expertise or aptitude of any USHPA certified instructor other than to verify that he or she successfully completed a training course with USHPA.

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