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Instructors in Texas

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Division Instruction Offered Name City State Phone
HG & PG Advanced & Tandem Steve Stackable Seadrift TX 619-261-4789
HG & PG Advanced David Broyles Allen TX 972-390-9090
HG Advanced & Tandem Michael Howard Liverpool TX 281-468-3210
HG Advanced & Tandem Joel Froehlich Mcqueeney TX 210-381-5193
HG Advanced & Tandem Gregg Ludwig Spring TX 281-788-6754
HG Advanced & Tandem Mark Moore-iii Spring TX 281-898-1229
HG Advanced & Tandem Bart Weghorst Sugar Land TX 307-413-5898
HG Advanced & Tandem Tiki Mashy Sugar Land TX 832-740-2004
HG Basic Larry Lewis Lakeway TX 512-963-6949
PG Advanced & Tandem Hadley Robinson El Paso TX 915-726-2698
PG Tandem Nicholas Reiter El Paso TX 8145924211

DISCLAIMER: USHPA Certification of an instructor means that the instructor has completed a course of training with USHPA and successfully completed both practical and written testing concerning this training. Just like a university who offers a degree after completion of certain courses, USHPA makes no warranty or representations as to the expertise or aptitude of any USHPA certified instructor other than to verify that he or she successfully completed a training course with USHPA.

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